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lake at hart hill

Camping with us!

In case of heavy rains, potential flooding or likely creek rises.

lake at Hart Hill

In case of rain or recent flood, the ground underneath while ‘pulling in’ soft. You won’t get bogged at all, but if you have a heavy vehicle or a van etc., I ask that you take it slow and minimize too much maneuvering to avoid leaving ruts in the campground – I’ll get thrown out of the ‘ride on’ if I have to navigate ruts!

Secondly, being on a creek, depending on how heavy the rain has been, the causeways may flood – we have three ways in, two of which have causeways that can flood. Be on the safe-side and take the causeway on Hart Road; it’s wider and longer. Avoid our causeway on Big Hill Road.​

road map to arrive the camping site
Heavy Rain


wood for firewood and a chair

Sites have access to a fire-pit (limit of one per group). Some of these have a grid, please use this to restrain embers. No open fires are allowed (built on the open ground with no perimeter control, or dug into the ground). No fires will be allowed higher than the depth of the vessel. Ensure fires are a minimum distance of 4m from any trees, structures, tents, and awnings. Keep children away from the hot metal pits. Have a bucket of water nearby and ensure you put the fire and the coals out prior to leaving the fire; bed, creek, or off-site. When weather conditions are undesirable and pose a potential fire threat as recognized by the RFS or Hart Hill Camping, you will be asked to extinguish the fire.​

Firewood is available for $15 (includes fire-pit, kindling, fire lighter, and matches). Alternatively, you can pick cut firewood and kindling off the ground for a fee of $5 a day. You are welcome to bring your own wood. Do not empty your fire vessel onto the ground, or particularly down the embankment. It can take hours to get the heat out of the coals and wind can ignite a sleepy bit of ash.

Phone Reception


sunset at Hart Hill

Be aware, phone reception is limited within the campground; Telstra is good however you may struggle with reception if you are with another provider. On the high areas of Hart Hill you will get enough to make phone calls, and send text messages. If you need to call someone due to any well-being concerns, you are most welcome to use our mobile phone.

top of the camping site where you can see the whole camping and the blue sky


Speed is limited to 15klms, and 10klms within the campground. When entering, we  recommend you engage first gear ascending the first pinch of the driveway as you enter Hart Hill; similar for descending.

A site is restricted to one vehicle. If you have a second vehicle, with the exception of unpacking and packing, please park it in the guest parking located just outside the campground in clear view and accessible.

Hart Hill facilities map


tress, cars and caravans parked at the camping site

Once you have settled into your site, ‘you’re parked up’ other than exiting or entering the campground (no driving to the toilets or alike). However, you are welcome to go anywhere on the property, but please limit it to foot traffic or bicycles only. Vehicles, particularly 4WD’s can wear a track in very quickly, and it takes a ‘month of Sundays’ for it to rejuvenate.

tress, cars and caravans parked at the camping site
Foot Traffic Only


dog laying down at the camping site

We love pets!

Dogs are welcome. However, if they are aggressive to other dogs or people – leave them at home. Leads are welcomed.

kid playing with dogs at the camping site
tress and grass at the camping site

In an emergency

Fire, Police, Ambulance: 000

State Emergency Services: 132 500

Rural Fire Service:  0475 213 488

Warwick Hospital:  4600 3916


caravan parked with side tent

Our new amenities are within 100 metres from any site. Please keep water usage to a minimum (2 minute rule). Supervise children at the toilet and showers.

If you have entered the toilet and it is running short of toilet paper, or there is a mishap, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Site map 18052023.png


lime tree at the camping site

Call us to check and see what we have. If we are on our way down to the campsite for maintenance reasons, we don’t mind bringing your items to you. Such items include; ice, sunscreen, fly veils, hygiene products, and electrolyte icy poles if dehydration occurs.

snacks and drinks on the table at the camping site


tress, cars and caravans parked at the camping site

Waste bins are located at the toilet area. One bin is for general waste, the other is for recyclables. Please do not dispose of items such as broken buckets, chairs, tents, etc. Take them home with you.



lake at Hart Hill

Rainwater is available, however, it will cost $15 for 100ltrs or less.  

Local law forbids washing of any sort in the creek, and greywater must be emptied 50 metres or more from the creek. The nearest dump point for black-water is based at Leyburn. 

lake at Hart Hill

Site Purchases &

kids with their Bark Art

Currently, we only accept cash or you can transfer funds (BSB). If you have Optus, and/or you prefer to pay prior, please contact us to confirm correct camping fee/s.

Account details:

Jane Thompson

BSB: 062-799

ACC: 1163 1111

REF: Your Initial/s and Surname.

fossicking at Hart Hill
Site Purchases

Things of Interest

Person playing cricket at the camping site

We aim to provide country hospitality, opportunity, and new experiences. These include activities and experiences such as:

  • Fishing 

  • Kayaking - you can hire one of us if you haven't got your own

  • Campfires -  toast marshmallows or have billy tea and damper

  • Birdwatching - galahs, cockatoos, corella's, kookaburra's, owls, rosella's ...

  • Gold fossicking - as a camper you get complete and exclusive access to our 1600m long creek frontage.

men holding the horse while the kid gives it a carrot
Things of interest

Check Out


Check out is any time prior to 11am.

Contact us

Jane: 0499 688 979

UHF Channel: 1

Mark and I both have Telstra, and have UHF in the house  to respond to your texts or calls relating to the needs, comfort, questions, or emergencies. If you are on Optus and need to make an emergency call to someone, please don’t hesitate to ask – you can make a call from our phone/s.

Pink grass
Check Out
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