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tress, cars and caravans parked at the camping site

Our Story

Hart Hill

top of the camping site where you can see the whole camping and the blue sky

Hart Hill boasts a stunning 28 acres. Your initial view of the property coming over a Thanes Creek causeway is that of a magnificent rock face. However, 500m down the road, through the gate, and over the ridge, Hart Hill exposes a lovely undulating fold baring a huge panorama of flat alluvial ground that hugs Thanes Creek.

Sprinkled with gums, the camping area is based west of the property in a stunning shady lea cooled by the creek and an old windmill for a backdrop.

The properties history is colourful. In 1869 the area was a hub for gold diggers wanting to strike it lucky. Old wooden stumps tell a story of an old mining hut, and if you dug in some of the rock heaps you might get a shock when you uncover more than gold.

lake at the camping site

As your hosts, we endeavour to ensure you feel the heart we have for our property. Apart from the obvious, we called the property Hart Hill because our title deed says Hart Road, and our council says Big Hill Road, hence “Hart Hill”.

Just starting out, Mark and I want to provide our campers with country hospitality. Ensuring you are comfortable with your site, are alerted to what the area has to offer, what events and activities are happening, that you feel you are in a clean and safe environment.


And, we have a few more ideas up our sleeve to make you feel welcome and know that your stay is important to us.

dog at the camping site

Your Hosts

Mark and Jane Hart Hill hosts
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